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Serving the good people of Sherwood since 2018

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Only the Best

We're excited to present our latest feature designed to redefine your drink adventures. Imagine a collection of handcrafted cocktails, each representing a masterpiece of flavour, innovation, and pure indulgence.

Why does it matter? Because at Jenkins, we're not merely mixing drinks; we're curating experiences. Our expert mixologists have meticulously crafted a selection of unique concoctions that go beyond the ordinary, offering you an unparalleled journey through taste and sophistication.

At Jenkins, we take pride in setting the bar high, both literally and figuratively. Join us and let this feature be your invitation to savour the exceptional, to relish in the extraordinary, and to raise your glass to a cocktail experience like no other. Welcome to your journey at Jenkins Cocktail Bar!


Jenkins specialty cocktails 

Our drink list features a selection inspired by everyday freshness meeting deliciousness.

These have been inspired by classic cocktails, showcasing seasonal ingredients and trendy flavors.

Check out this months specials below

Available now


Aperol Sunburst

Aperol Sunburst is here to blow away the early year cobwebs. Don't miss out on this refreshing and delightful treat – your taste buds will thank you!

Rhubarb Sour

Elevate your cocktail experience with the Rhubarb Sour, where every drop tells a tale of tantalizing twists and zestful indulgence.


Tropical Tango

Introducing the Tropical Tango, a dance of exotic flavours. This vibrant cocktail blends the succulent sweetness of tropical fruits with a hint of citrusy zest, creating a symphony of refreshment with every sip. Let the Tropical Tango be your passport to a tropical escape, right in the heart of your glass.



Wednesday: 6pm - 10pm

Thursday: 4pm - 11pm

Friday: 4pm - 12am

Saturday: 2pm - 12am
Sunday: 2pm - 9pm

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